wedding videographer sunshine coast


If I can give you one suggestion for your wedding day, it would be to consider getting a video done. Prices start from $2190 to have the ceremony and an hour of video of your guests and you as a couple after the ceremony.

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture history for generations to come. You can see the way your partner looks at you as you walk down the aisle? reaches for your hand? Makes you smile?

We have teamed up with Jayden from Sunshine Coast Videography to offer our couples unique and elegant wedding videos. Jayden is my husband and after watching 100's of his videos, without knowing the couple he can bring me to tears - he's so creative, unobtrusive, genuine and honestly one of the nicest guys. Honestly, his work speaks for itself. 

Sunshine Coast private property wedding on the Sunshine Coast.

Reliving Memories

Documentary package - Drone added.


wedding videographer sunshine coast

Sunshine Coast wedding videos

Premium wedding video.


wedding videographer sunshine coast

feature lovely moments

Documentary package, added preshoot


wedding videographer sunshine coast

Destination wedding

Custom video package.


wedding videographer sunshine coast

feature lovely moments

Premium wedding video.


wedding videographer sunshine coast


about the team

Their approach is both personal and professional; they take the time to understand your ideas and wishes for your wedding video and they believe in developing a communicative relationship with their clients.

They are a team of true locals and our intimate knowledge of the Sunshine Coast area gives you access to stunning locations only known to locals as well as the incredible landscapes this area is famous for.

For them, attention to detail is about attention to our clients, attention to every moment of the day and attention to quality in the production and editing process to create unique Sunshine Coast wedding videos.

Specialising in wedding videography on the Sunshine Coast.