October 12, 2020

Sophie & Corey got married on the famous date 10/10/2020, one of the most sought out dates of 2020. They have their fare share of issues leading up to the day, the biggest…having to change the venue (thanks COVID)….which turned out to be amazing!

SOOOO what makes for a epic wedding you might be wondering….

Here goes:

1. A dad that truly adores his daughter and his family. And boy did he have the best sense of humor. What a champion.
2. Marry someone that looks like this when your walking down the aisle!
3. Have the sweetest ring bearer…oh my goodness…he stole my heart!
4. Have a whole bunch of family and friends who are crazy excited for you both.
5. Add a virtual bridesmaid…GOLD!!!
Did I mention the ring bearer?
6. Have a partner that all day long, goes above and beyond for his love. I lost count the amount of times Corey was helping Sophie…weather it was getting confetti out of her hair, helping with her dress and flowers (i am talking every time she walked somewhere else), running to get a pillow for the dirty swing, wiping off a chair for her to sit on, making sure she had a drink…. Watching them together, so happy and so in-love was simply beautiful.
7. Supportive and hilarious bridal party that just want to have fun!
8. Have your wedding on a property with unlimited places to explore and take photos.
9. Getting to hangout with this talented stud for the day!
10. A couple that make each other laugh, smile and bring out the best in each other.

It was truly a spectacular wedding with incredible people, we feel so grateful to have been apart of it! Such a memorable day.

Ceremony & Reception: Eumundi Property

Celebrant: Karen Faa

Catering: The Van Fine Street Food

Flowers: Suncoast Flowers

Videographer: Sunshine Coast Videography

Dress designer: Luv Bridal & Formal

Cake: The Cheesecake Shop

@suncoastflowers,@sunshinecoastvideo, @luvbridalandformal, @karenfaacelebrant, @thevanfinestreetfood, @thecheesecakeshop