January 17, 2022


What’s your name and the business you run? And tell us a bit more about your part in it.
Hello my name is Danielle Wildermuth, Business Owner and Registered Marriage Celebrant of ‘Your
Story Celebrant’.

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Your Story Celebrant is a one wo-man band (me, myself and I) and I absolutely love it!
I enjoy the challenge, flexibility and ability to collaborate with some of the Sunshine Coasts Best
Wedding Suppliers and take my time building relationships and networking in an authentic and relax
manner at my own pace whilst being a full-time boss mum.
Your Story Celebrant began in 2018 and since then has grown organically to what it is today. I am so
proud of where this journey has taken me so far, becoming a preferred supplier for some of the
Sunshine Coasts most premium wedding venues.
Whilst I am relaxed and enjoy having a laugh, I take pride in my business, always working hard and
maintaining professionalism within the Sunshine Coast Wedding Community. I am true to my values,
whilst also being a massive advocate for authenticity, support and community over competition.
The wedding industry is such a wonderful place to be and I am truly grateful to all the amazing people
I have had the pleasure to work alongside as the journey continues for Your Story Celebrant.

How long have you been in business?
I have been in business as a Registered Celebrant in the Wedding Industry for 3 years now.
Prior to this, I have lived abroad for five amazing years I worked in HR and as Hospitality Trainer, and
as one of the ‘Head of People and Guest Relations.’
When moving back to Australia, I continued to grow my experience through many service related
industries such as travel, legal administration and most recently, my proudest and most challenging
role as an Event General Manager, here on the Sunshine Coast.
I am so proud and fortunate to bring a little from each of these roles to enhance my couples
experience before and during their special day to make sure it’s as stress free and enjoyable as

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Do you have a story about how it all started?

In the beginning, I started my journey into celebrancy after attending many weddings for friends and
family. I found each ceremony I attended felt very similar despite the diverse group of people in my
life (They sure are a unique bunch!) and thought to myself, surely there can be a better way and more
authentic way to celebrate.
It wasn’t until I went to a wedding in Victoria, where I was completely blown away by a celebrant who
was everything I knew a ceremony could be. Not knowing much about this couple who’s wedding I
attended, I left the ceremony feeling included and having known them a lot more than before so it was

a complete joy to be able to kick on with their celebrations following, having herd their journey. So
from there, my journey began!
A wedding should be an enjoyable experience from the moment you and your guests arrive and the
entire day should be a vibe that truly reflects both people and their journey to get to this point.
For me without an amazing and meaningful ceremony, the day really is one heck of an expensive
Ceremonies can be fun, and always should be a perfect balance of sentiment and humour.
Having quite a colourful life myself, I knew I wanted to create a memorable experience for my
couples. With my passion for getting to know people, what makes them unique and storytelling, I felt
a deep inner calling to fulfil such an important role in peoples lives.

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What is your perfect day on the Sunshine Coast?

We’ll for me more recently these have been few and far between TBH but….. A free day on the coast
for me would have to entail taking an hike or beach front walk with my partner, baby boy ‘Bodhi’ and
Weimerana, followed by a delicious breakfast with ‘all the things’ and of course the biggest cup of chai
tea (Always the tea, never the powder!).
From there we would see where the wind blows, we both love the beach so we’d likely soak up the
sun and have a dip before heading to a late lunch and cocktails at one of our many favourite hot spots
all before heading home for the evening baby routine.

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Best place to eat on the Sunshine Coast?
Can’t go past ‘’Rice Boi’ in Mooloolabah – YUMMO!

Favourite Treat?
This changes on a weekly basis as I am very adventurous with my food choices, but this week would
have to be the three P’s – Prosciutto (Cured Ham), Prosecco (Sparkling) and Piccolos (Coffee) –

Dream holiday destination?
South America, Hiking Machu Picchu and spending 3-6 months exploring. This has been my dream
trip for over 9 years now and was delayed recently due to covid in 2021. As soon as it is safe and we
are able to travel and our son is able to hike with us we will make this happen again.

Best wedding day advice for couples?
Trust in your wedding suppliers to look after you and to make their magic happen. Everything is done
and out of your control so just relax and enjoy your day. All the planning is over!

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How do you relax after a wedding?
Most of the time straight after a wedding I enjoy a glass of bubbles or a beer with the couple and their
guests. Then head home with loads of packed yummy snacks packed for the drive before getting
home to read my little man a story and tuck him into bed for the night.

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?
I’ve be a NOMAD for 6 years so this ones a hard one to answer! But my most recent overseas trip
was to a small rural Ugandan village called Busubi in Africa in 2018, where I was apart of a team of
five volunteers who raised $6500 each to contribute towards a learning centre, and taught on the
ground locals vital business skills required as a part of the plan for the learning centre to become self
sustainable in another few years time. Such a rewarding experience! 

What random skill would you like to learn?
I’d love to master the art of ceramics so I can make my own tiny bowls and tea cups – It’s a slight
obsession of mine. You can NEVER have too many can you?!

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Why did you decide to do the work you are doing now?
For me it was a combination of small moments, my working history and love of celebration, ceremony
and enjoy getting to know people. Everyone has something amazing inside of them to share,
sometimes you just need to ask the right questions and listen – I mean really listen. Being able to pull
things from them and put together something that is so important, it really is an honour and a
responsibility I take seriously, whilst we have a lot of fun in the process of course!

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What is something that’s interesting about you, or something a lot of people don’t realise?
I’m an empath, more introverted than extroverted and definitely more of a listener than a talker.
My friends and family are always amazed that I have chosen a career in public speaking, as this was
never something I could have ever imagined myself enjoying. But absolutely LOVE IT!
It really is amazing looking back on ceremonies and see myself in action, as the passion for what I do
takes over, and believe it or not I am more comfortable in front of a microphone than anywhere else.
Sometimes you just have to face your fear and follow your heart no matter how scary it may seem.
Perhaps it’s genetic as my mother was a singer, so most of my upbringing was surrounded by stories
shared through musical lyrics which I would always be of interest with, and a home filled with sound
equipment and celebrations.
Another fun fact was that my grandfather was also a priest, not that anyone would have guessed that
as I am more spiritual than religious (But yep I’m not even kidding, sadly I don’t remember him well as
he passed when I was very young but wow if he were alive I wonder what he would be thinking.)
Oh and I am the same height as Kylie Minogue – People seem to love that HA!

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Do you have a client review you could share?

“Thank you Danielle for making our special day easy and intimate. From our first phone call you felt
like an old friend. Your caring nature and generosity allowed us to enjoy the day, sans the stress and

overwhelm. You created the perfect ceremony for us, telling our story in a way that we’ll remember
forever.” – Emma T (Google Review)
“Danielle is the most wonderful celebrant. Not only is she amazing at her job but she is extremely
warm, friendly and full of energy. We ended up postponing our wedding from May to November and
throughout all the uncertainty in those months, Danielle felt like a good friend – she checked in
regularly to make sure we were okay and gave us so much support. She also recommended some
great suppliers and was our go to person when we had a supplier cancel 2 weeks before the wedding.
I cannot recommend Danielle highly enough – she is an amazing person and fun, bubbly, to the point
celebrant. She made me feel so confident and relaxed throughout the whole ceremony. If you are
able to secure Danielle for your wedding, she will make it the BEST DAY! Thank you so much
Danielle” – Lana C (Google Review)

Facebook: / @yourstorycelebrant
Instagram: / @yourstorycelebrant_
Contact number: 0434618303

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