January 25, 2021

Whats your name and the business you run? And tell us a bit more about your part in it.

I’m Jake at ‘Married by Jake’. I get to make weddings relevant, interesting, fun and enjoyable, it’s the best job ever!

How long have you been in business?

Making marriages since 2010!

What is your perfect day on the Sunshine Coast? 

Noosa… Fish… Chips… Golden hour (and Ideally no seagulls… cheeky buggers!)

Best place to eat on the Sunshine Coast?

I love Rickys and Bistro C if it’s time for fancy… but the people at Betty Burgers might also know me well 🙂 

Favourite Treat?

A packet of Tim Tams. I mean a Tim Tam.

Dream holiday destination?

Anywhere that Italy meets the water around Italy.

Best wedding day advice for couples?

Decide to enjoy yourselves. You’ve done your best to plan your day, now it’s time to let go and swing for the fences! In ten years time you wont care about the things that are stressing you out… You’ll just wish you were in the moment and having a blast! 

How do you relax after a hard day of work?

A swim with my family!

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?

For weddings: a really unusual 1980’s chapel outside London, a cliffside mansion in Indonesia and a castle near Dunedin. For fun… the most interesting might be Antelope Canyon in the States, so cool, just dont get your arm stuck (127 hours… ewwww!!) 

Dream holiday destination?

Always Italy, they make the pasta!!

What skill would you like to master?

I like the idea of playing an instrument, Muso’s are so cool!!

Why did you decide to do the work you are doing now?

The more involved I become in the business of helping people get married the more I love it. The more I feel like I’m able to genuinely help and make a significant contribution to their day being awesome and their marriage starting strong!

Funny wedding day story?

I always think of the singing bride. I had no idea she was about to launch into song… and I’m pretty sure she didn’t plan it but just before the vows she grabbed the mic and started singing to her Hubby-to-be. It was EXTREMELY confusing for everyone and I had a great deal of fun trying to bring everything back together!

Do you have a client review you could share?

I’m blessed to have hundreds of reviews

I’ll paste one below



Facebook: Married by Jake

Instagram: Marriedbyjake

Review Amy and Dean: If you are looking for a celebrant then settle in to read this novel because you aren’t going to read any more reviews after this! My husband and I eloped to Maleny after ‘rona did us a bamboozle. Leading up to the day, so many things had gone wrong and on the day we were standing on a hilltop before the ceremony and it was overcast, super windy and our son suddenly burst into tears because he inexplicably, right in that moment, terribly missed our dog! I was standing before the love of my life, about to confess my undying love for him and vow to be with him the rest of my life, but I’ll tell you because I’m a frank kinda gal, I was DONE. I wanted to just hurry up and wife this dude and get off that hilltop. Now this is why you NEED Jake as your celebrant; he saved our wedding day. He is a magician, I tell you! I was standing on that hilltop just wanting to get this thing done already, but Jake managed to create something truly special and beautiful for us. He is an amazingly personable man and he was able to bring out all the love and laughter in mine and my now husbands relationship, despite our frustrations with events leading up to the ceremony. With immense warmth and charisma, he reiterated for us why we were doing this and created a bubble for my man and I to really cherish each other, to hell with the weather and wind and everything else! It was so natural and beautiful that my man, who I’ve only seen cry twice in the 5 years I’ve been with him, was crying during Jake’s words. Jake is also super intuitive and got us to have a hug mid ceremony because we were both becoming a crying mess. He was also mindful of his placement for the best possible photos, which I didn’t even think of. His attention to detail is fantastic. He was also an absolute gem entertaining our son after the ceremony so our photographer could get some nice shots of us on the hilltop. This man was made to do weddings and my husband and I could not stop gushing to each other about how great he was. I can’t even imagine how amazing Jake would be in a ceremony with guests, because he is the right amount of entertaining while still making everything about the love between the two people standing in front of him. If you are worried about an awkward, stiff ceremony then put your trust in Jake because he will not disappoint you. To finish this novel of a review off, I just want to ensure you don’t think Jake has employed bots to write reviews as part of a rigorous marketing overhaul, I am very much a newlywed sitting here sipping coffee with her husband the morning after her wedding, eternally grateful to one incredible celebrant.