June 16, 2020

Meet Dan Ford, He goes above and beyond for his couples. I recently did a wedding with him and it was ALL about the couple and how to make the day successful for them. It was a rainy old day and even that didn’t frazzle him – we moved the arbor so the flowers were in the perfect viewing spot, made sure the signing table had lovely background and he made everyone laugh and when we were doing the group photo…after packing up his mic, he set it all up to get everyone’s attention. I was super impressed.

Image Credit: Tara Lee Photography


What’s your name and the business you run? And tell us a bit more about your part in it. 

I’m a Celebrant & MC who dabbles in on the day Coordination as well for the ‘we just want to relax and enjoy the whole day with one person running the show’ couples. The name of my business is Dan Ford Celebrant.

How long have you been in business?

Three years as a Celebrant, longer as an MC and two years as on ODC. Previous to that I was a Physical Training Instructor in the Navy.

Do you have a story about how it all started?

Yes, I do! I was asked to be the MC to my nephew’s wedding, a hinterland paddock with a view, huge marquee, whiskey bar, home-brewed beer and live band affair (the photo at the top of my home page is a non staged picture of my nephew and his beautiful wife at the reception). They met on Instagram. He a musician, she an artist, he lived in Australia, she in America…  Anyway, the best wedding ever would be an understatement as her family flew over to celebrate, some of which formed the ‘after band’ with the groom and his dad on vocals and drums! For my part, I just kept the MC banter and intros/outros light and fun which included the bridal party arriving back from the photoshoot an hour late thanks to an overly artistic photographer obsessed with ‘low light images’ as everyone else drank whiskey, beer and wine on empty stomachs. Thirty minutes into the wait I announced that everyone should get stuck into their bread roll and the tasting plates so we could all remember the speeches and have some slow-burn carbohydrates for the dance floor later on. Everyone ended up happy. The photographer got his (their) shots and the bride & groom weren’t sitting at the table too long to wait for mains. The speeches were amazing, the band started early and finished late… very late 😉 My nephew’s mum approached me during the night and told me that I hade a unique skill with public speaking and keeping the vibe light with good banter. Then she said “You should become a Celebrant”, and I said ‘What’s a Celebrant?’.

What is your perfect day on the Sunshine Coast?

Early light offshore winds and a surf followed by walking my Pooches whilst listening to a good audiobook. An afternoon Hinterland wedding ceremony and all of the good feels that carry into the late afternoon and evening. My local Indian take out for dinner and a good movie and a bottle of red wine with Shelby, my wife. In bed by 9:30 Pm! It’s the simple pleasures for me 🙂

Best place to eat on the Sunshine Coast?

The Tamarind. Modern Asian – Spicers Tamarind, Maleny. 

Favourite Treat?

Dark chocolate with a good red after a cheese platter and a great red.

Best wedding day advice for couples?

Select your team of wedding professionals and share your vision with them. Listen to their professional advice and reshape your vision with them. Relax and let the day unfold for you, enjoying the experience as a whole (let the pro’s do what they do best). Like anything, focusing too much on one particular thing that isn’t exactly how you imagined can cause many other beautiful experiences or opportunities to be missed. Be guided by this constant: It’s all about love! Your wedding will be totally amazing and even have a few unexpected and pleasant surprises that way.

How do you relax after a hard day of work?  

PlayStation, craft beer, puppy cuddles, Netflix, wife cuddles. x

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?

Mt Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Ri (30 day Himalaya trek with my Dad).

Dream holiday destination?    

Canada: Friends in country, Downhill MTB, Craft Beer, Hi-def nature, Mountains and lakes. 

What skill would you like to master?  

Becoming a best selling author… and classical piano.

Why did you decide to do the work you are doing now? 

There is something truly beautiful about weddings and the joy expressed within them. During and after weddings I experience a feeling that is visceral and a little magical, a natural high. Sounds corny but it’s true. My take is that the magic I feel is fingerprints of the emotion best described as love after it gives me a little wedding day squeeze.

Funny wedding day story? 

I was redirected through a cattle property by Google….. and arrived 10 mins before the ceremony start time in a mild tizz (I’m usually there 30 mins before). Got the soundcheck, music and groomsmen sorted. It was getting a little awkward when the bridal party was 30 mins overdue, and the usual (She’s done a runner) Jokes were getting trumped out by the groomsmen. I gave the groom a lifted eyebrow at 40 mins and he said aloud ‘Relax everyone. She’s a total princess and is never on time anywhere. It’s her thing’. 5 mins later the car arrives and out she gets, elegance personified totally stealing the show. I asked during the signing if her car got re-directed through the cattle property as well?. She said ‘No, I’m usually late everywhere. So yeah, 15 mins is pretty standard’. She 100 % had it in her head we had a 3:30 start when it was sent out on the invitations as 3 Pm. The groom and I shared a conspiratorial; sideways look but kept it on the DL then had a chat about it over a beer after. I impressed upon him the importance of succinct timing around visas, airports and check-in times. He said ‘Yeah, there were some close calls early on so I take charge of that stuff now.  I change the time on her phone forward 20 mins the night before just to be safe though’. Classic!

Do you have a client review you could share?

Of course! – Daniel & Wes : From the time we engaged Dan’s services for our wedding which was held a few days ago, Dan was organized, professional and calm; all the things we needed. 

His systems are set up to ensure all the legal work is done and sorted – he takes care of it all and makes it crystal clear what the couple needs to do and what he will do. With so much to plan and worry about a wedding, this guidance was very helpful.

He has each partner fill in a fun and thoughtful questionnaire and he builds his whole narrative around that – you never hear the words til the day though to save the magic for the ceremony.

His rehearsal guides you through the practical parts of the day without giving anything away so we felt very comfortable where to stand and what to do. The emotion that came from hearing our story and the vows for the first time on the day… there wasn’t a dry eye in the house but also many moments of laughter and lightness.

He worked the crowd before we arrived with great banter; he looked great, made us feel so special and had so many asking us for his name afterwards.

We are beyond happy he was the person that married us. A great human, an exceptional celebrant & MC and highly, highly recommended if you want someone not “cookie cutter”.

Wes & Daniel – Feb 2020.





Contact number +61 402 289 961

Sarah & Dan couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces. If it rains on your wedding day and you get married….your day has been a success!

Reception & Ceremony: The Rocks Yandina
Celebrant: Dan Ford Celebrant
Flowers: Val Sparks Florist
Hair: 5th Ave Hair Lounge
Make up: @ReVamp – Katrina McMillian
Cake: @Libby Sparkes
Musician: Brian Carlon – Musician / DJ
Dress designer: Grace Loves Lace