OUTDOOR WEDDING LIGHTING. {Sunshine Coast Photographer}

June 2, 2020

I am not here to tell you where to have your wedding, I am about having all the information…so think of this article as just that…information.

Lighting plays a massive part in how your wedding photos turn out, yes, we can do a bit in the editing stage but somethings can only be altered slightly and lighting is one of those things.

So what can the big issues be? Dappled lighting. It’s an annoying issue but one to consider when setting up your ceremony.

What is dappled light? It’s when you stand under a tree and the light is shining through the trees and creating patterns of shade and sun on your faces.

How to fix this? Have the light coming in from behind the tree….so if I was looking at you from down the aisle I would be looking into the sun and everyone in the ceremony will be backlit – which is really beautiful in photos. This way your faces will be evenly lit.

The best way to check out if your going to have this issue is to visit the ceremony area at about the same time your ceremony will happen and see where the light falls.

If your like me you want a visual…this is what dappled light looks like.

The sun is shining behind me and through the trees
Side dapple lighting.
Side dappled lighting.

Here is the “fix” what I consider the “ideal” ceremony set ups when outside.

Sun behind the tree.
Sun behind the tree and to the left.
Sun behind the couple, the arbour acts to diffuse some of the light.
Sun behind the tree.

The other issue with lighting is when either the groom or bride is looking into the sun. It’s not great for photos as usually the groom is super bright and the brides face is shaded. But more importantly the groom is looking into the sun and struggles to look into his brides eyes.

Groom looking into the sun.
Groom looking into the sun.

FIX? Have the sun directly on both faces – so coming in from down the aisle, (only if in an open space and not under a tree) or have the sun directly behind you both.

Sun directly on both faces.
Sun directly on both faces, coming in from down the aisle.
Sun directly on both faces, coming in from down the aisle.

I am here to help you in this, I am not here to disagree with your plans.

I am more than happy facetime and I am more than to help talk out the ceremony set up, ultimately my wish for you is to have incredible photos with the best lighting we can get.

I hope the planning is going super smoothly and that this was helpful.

More beautiful back lit images:

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