May 23, 2018

When I get asked to photograph a friends wedding they always worry that if I am working that I won’t get to enjoy the day, when in fact the opposite is true. All day long I am looking for the private moments between them that others don’t get to witness, the looks of excitement “we’re getting married!!!”, the gentle reassurance when the groom squeezes the brides hand and smiles, when she has tears welling up – I am not in the crowd, I am looking right at my dear friend through the long lens and I feel the emotion and have to wipe away my own tears, I see the little jokes they share, I see into a world I have never seen before. I am there all day with no other job but to capture theses moments, I am there for my friend. So do I miss out? – no I get to be with my friends all day and witness the raw beauty of who it is to be them. I love what I do, it truly is such an honor.

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