A few tips on how to have a memorable wedding with your children.

March 2, 2022

Tips for children at weddings crying after

From your: Sunshine Coast wedding photographer.

Children are the most wonderful addition to a wedding day, they are so much fun to watch. It’s so common for the couple to have their children at weddings, I wanted to help prepare you and give you tips that I have seen work beautifully at weddings I have been to.

Tips for children at weddings

If you think about what the day is going to be like for kids, it’s easier to prepare them for whats to come. Imagine everyone in your face, excited to see you, telling you how beautiful and handsome you look, telling you to smile, people you haven’t seen since you were a baby now wanting a hug…it’s a-lot….so in my experience, putting things in place to make the day run smoothly is well worth the time and effort, for you and them.

Tip 1: If you have children under 4 or 5, have someone who isn’t immediate family know that if the child cries or needs attention during the ceremony, that you need them to step in. If your parents or siblings miss your wedding due to looking after the child, thats a moment they can’t get back…and might have been dreaming of that moment your whole life.

Tips for children at weddings have snacks

Tip 2: Have snacks and water at hand – snacks that don’t mark clothing ( think crackers, sultanas, popcorn), lolly pops and water might just be what the little person needs to settle. It’s also something that keeps them in one place.

Tips for children at weddings need snacks and water

Tip 3: For small children, consider bringing small toys that don’t make noise for them to play with during the ceremony.

Tips for children at weddings hand print
Tips for children at weddings crying after
Tips for children at weddings hugs after the wedding

Tip 4: Having them sign the bottom of the wedding certificate is a great way to include them and an opportunity for me to be able to get those exciting ‘JUST MARRIED’ moments. You could even have them write their own vows.

Tips for children at weddings, have them do vows

Tip 5: Consider after the rings, giving them a piece of jewellery to remember this special time in their lives.

Tip 6: You could consider walking down the aisle together, either way, seeking them out after the ceremony for hugs is a special time to be able to connect through the day.

Tips for children at weddings walking down the aisle
Tips for children at weddings make time for them

Tip 7: When you are off on locations, if they aren’t coming with you the whole time, make sure there is one person that knows before the day that you will need them to babysit. It usually means they will put off drinking until you return.

Tips for children at weddings carers

Tip 8: If they are staying for the reception, having a few activities, colouring, games etc is a great way to entertain and make them feel included.

Tips for children at weddings games at the reception

Tip 9: If they are still awake at the reception, having them join you on the dance floor makes for some great fun.

Tips for children at weddings dancing

Tip 10: If your children are 5 and over, a thoughtful way to make them feel seen on a wedding day is to write them love letters, telling them things you love about who they are and why you are proud of them.

Tip 11: If you have small children, have them try on their special out fits a few times before the big day – you will find out if something isn’t right. My daughter was a flower girl at the age of 2 and we didn’t do this…..she took of her dress three times before she went do the aisle because it was itchy….don’t be like me.

Tips for children at weddings

Finally with children, they are wildly unpredictable, so having very low expectations is a VERY important one…I will do my best to get as many photos of them as I can.

Tips for children at weddings jobs to do
Tips for children at weddings
Tips for children at weddings have games
Tips for children at weddings