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What time do the sessions take place?

Any time of day. That being said, the soft lighting is an hour before sunset, it's the most common time for sessions. We can also do sunrise, it's a great time for babies and can also create a soft look but for a shorter period of time.
Photo shoots in the middle of the day are brighter, more contrast and can cause people to squint, but it can also give a very documentary style feel.
If you are coming into the studio for your session, the best time is between 8-9am for your shoot.

What advice do you have for us if we are uncomfortable in front of the camera?

The truth is, the best way to get those emotive family photos is connection, so relaxing and playing with your family is going to get those beautiful shots you are after. Snuggle your people, make one another laugh and I will put you in nice light and give you things to help you get out of your head.

What happens if it rains?

If it looks like it's going to rain, we will make the call at about 2pm on the day. The weather on the Sunshine Coast can be raining one moment and have the most beautiful weather the next. If the whole sky is white out, and I am the one making the call, we will reschedule with out any retainers lost.

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Do you take any traditional posed shots?

I try and get a few 'smile and look at the camera' shots in the first 15 minutes of the session and then it's more play based photos. Small children can only last about 15 minutes and then we follow them around and play with them the rest of the time, so don't stress...this is how every session goes.

What if my kids get rowdy on the shoot?

I expect they will, no-one, especially kids enjoy being told what to do, which is why my main 'trick' in my bag is redirection. If they are getting's time to play, go for a walk, jump, run....makes a massive difference. Just don't stress "just keep smiling"
Another tip - If you can get them to rest and eat at early dinner before session time, that would be best. Also bringing some extra snacks and drinks can be helpful too.

How do I view the photos after the session?

I will email you an online gallery to choose your photos, this gallery can be shared with family, friends and anyone else who was in the session.

family photographer on the sunshine coast

How quickly do we have to choose what to purchase?

If you could have your number ready with in 2 weeks that would be great. If you need more time, just let me know

When will our photos be ready?

Usually with in 2-3 weeks of choose your final numbers.

Can we bring along our dog?

YES! I love getting photos with your fur babies. If we are on the beach, getting a sand holder for when they aren't in the session is a great idea.

family photographer on the sunshine coast

What happens if my child is ill?

I am happy to reschedule if this happens, I just ask that you let me know as soon as possible.

Should we bring anything to the session?

Just yourselves – empty your pockets so phones won't show up in your pants. I can keep your car keys in my bag. Bringing some crackers and water for toddlers is also a great idea to give them a 2nd wind.
If we are shooting at the beach, bring a space set of clothes and towel to have in the car, incase there is water play.

What should we all wear?

I have created a blog to help answer this common question, but also I am here to help – feel free to send through photos of what you are thinking as you go. My suggestion when choosing would be to choose mums outfit first, something she feels great in and then pick outfits that compliment her outfit. If you lay them out on the ground and take a photo, you can see if something doesn't quite work, so send it to me and I can help give a second opinion.

family photographer on the sunshine coast

How will our photos be edited?

The way your photos are edited in your proofs are edited for white balance, tone and either the classic or modern filter. This is the type of edit that is included in the documentary collection.

The first 2 collections, the 'classic session' and the 'one hour session' come with a bit of extra editing that includes getting rid of people in the background and removing zits and bruises.

DOCUMENTARY EDIT (also how your proofs come):
​White balance: that’s adjusting the temperature, colour balance, and fine tuning the saturation and quality of the hues in your images

Tone: that’s exposure (brightness), contrast, highlights, shadows, etc. & cropping/straightening

Adding filters: The classic edit or the modern edit.


Spot removal: I’ll whisk away that random pesky zit, the bruise...anything thats not normally there. I can also use a basic skin smoothing brush on close up portraits to give your skin a little extra beauty if you would like. I still want it to feel like you though.

Minor background clearing: I can also usually remove the random person walking around on the beach in the background.

Beyond what I’ve just described, slimming arms and legs, removing grey hairs and tan lines, swapping out someone’s blinking eyes in one photo for their open eyes in another, smoothing wrinkles, adding dramatic skies where there previously were none, and perfecting your complexion. These are the sorts of things offered by professional retouchers. I can get it sent away for an extra fee for those kinds edits.

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How many years have you been in the photography business?

I have been shooting weddings since 2004, when bold colours, vignettes, and digital cameras were the next best thing!

Do you have a back up camera?

I always have 2 cameras on every shoot I am on. My camera also writes the photos to 2 cards, so if one card fails we have a backup.

How much editing will my photos have?

All your photos will come with a light edit, This covers colour correction and exposure correction.

If you want extra editing, for example, something removed or smoothing of skin- that comes under premium editing and is $35 extra per photo. The more you need, the cheaper per photo it would be.

Most people will enlarge about 5 photos for their walls, they would be great ones to get that little extra editing on. Any enlargements you buy through my store will have a premium edit.

How quickly do we get our photos back?

You will get your online gallery delivered 4-8 weeks after your wedding depending on the time of year. The online gallery makes it easy when sharing your photos with family and your incredible suppliers.

What happens if it rains?

I am under the belief that as long as you marry your best friend, your photos will be amazing! It will be written all over your faces. I will bring a bunch of clear umbrellas and as long as you are keen to go out for photos after the ceremony, so am I, as long as it safe for my gear – high winds can be an issue when trying to keep an umbrella over my gear. If this is the case I am happy to offer a 1-hour session for the bride and groom at a later date, but honestly with Sunshine Coast weather it can be bucketing down one minute and sunny the we would just go with the flow.

Would you travel for a wedding?

Absolutely! Been to Fiji, New Zealand, Airlie beach a bunch of times, Dubbo, Mackay, Sydney & a few more places around Australia. You would just need to cover travel costs and 1 night accommodation.

Do we need an engagement shoot?

You don't need to, but in saying that – if one of you or both of you are a bit nervous about getting photos on your wedding day, it's a great way to crush all your worries! If you pay for your wedding package upfront I can offer you an engagement special.

Do we get the highest resolution photos and do we own them?

You sure do! The copyright is a joint one, so I can use your gorgeous photos on social media and advertising.

How many photos will we get?

You will get about 50-75 photos per hour, this varies depending on the size of your bridal party, variety of locations and how many faces you give me ;)

Do you need a meal if you are photographing the reception?

If I am staying longer than an hour at the reception, a basic staff meal or kids meal would be so appreciated – It's about that time where food will give me that second wind.

Can we meet up to chat about your wedding?

That would be lovely, we have a home studio in Wurtulla or we can always meet up at a cafe in Mooloolaba if you're in need of a coffee.

How much is the booking fee and when is the rest due?

The booking fee locks in your wedding date and if it's canceled sadly this is non-refundable due to turning away other couples. The final payment for your wedding package is due at least 2 weeks before the wedding.

What if you are sick on our wedding day?

In the last 17 years, I have never missed a wedding due to sickness, adrenaline is an amazing thing! If I am really not up to it I will bring an assistant to 2nd shoot and if I am bedridden I will find you a replacement photographer who has a similar style to me.

Will the photos be super posed?

That's not my style, I am there to help get an authentic emotion out of you by encouragement, a bit of direction and putting you in great light.

What kind of gear do you use?

I use 2 SONYa7 3's, 24 -70mm, 70-200mm, 85mm, 35mm and a profoto flash.

Can we order albums, fine art prints & Canvas from you?

Seeing your photos in print is all kinds of wonderful and I would love to assist you in this. I can email you my prices for this.

Do you have business insurance and an ABN?

Most definitely, we do everything by the book – happy to provide your venue with proof of this if needed.

Are you married?

I am married to one of the most talented videographers on the Coast, Jayden from Sunshine Coast Videography....slightly bias..but I dare you not to cry when watching his videos! You can check out his films {here}. He's my high school sweetheart and the love of my life. I love shooting with him, it's so much fun...we know exactly what the other needs and we work hard together to get you the best photos and video we can. We have a daughter, one and only, who is crazy creative and brings so much joy to our lives – I know I am a better photographer after becoming a mum in 2012.

How long do you have our photos backed up for?

I can guarantee I will have them backed up for at least a year, hard drives WILL fail's only a matter of time. When you download your photos, back them up on to at least 3 different places. This is so easy now because of our online galleries...mum, dad, siblings, everyone can keep a copy for you.

If in the future you need me to retrieve them and upload them there is a $175 retrieval fee. (and that's if my 2 hard drives haven't died too)

Your online gallery will be available to download for 2 months and then the hosting expires.
After that, if you would like to extend your gallery hosting the cost is $49 per year. If you have had more than one session with me, we can add them to the same gallery.

Whats does a typical wedding timeline look like?

The timeline of your day is what makes the day run smoothly. The timeline is usually based on the sunset time on the date of your wedding and the collection you choose. (This will be different if you are having a morning wedding)

As far as a potential timeline your day might look something like this with the sunset at about 5:20pm with the emotive collection plus groom prep.

11:30- 12:30pm Groom prep (1 hr) Do you want getting ready photos or shenanigans...jumping in the pool, playing a game of pool, beers with the boys, throwing the footy, something that represents you guys.

12:30pm This is what time to I would tell hair, makeup and flowers that you need to be ready for as they usually run over time....if they are on time it's nice to have time to have a bite to eat and relax before getting into your dress.

1:00pm Bridal Prep (1 hr) - I get to the location where you are getting ready and get a few photos of you and your bridesmaids. The bridesmaids are usually fully ready and in their dresses at this time to help you into yours when I arrive. If you could just have hair and makeup finished and I will get photos of you getting ready - putting earnings in, dress on, shoes etc.

1:30pm This is also a time we can also get special photos of with Mum and Dad.

2:30pm Meet the Groom, his boys and his family at the ceremony location to get a few photos greeting guests etc.

3pm Ceremony time.

3:30pm (1/2 hour) Congratulations from guests and then group photo and family photos around the ceremony area.

4pm Location photos (1.5 hrs for the biggest collection) around the ceremony area.

5:30pm Reception starts.

8:30pm Collection finishes.

When doing up your reception timeline just take into account what important moments you want to be captured and you can always add time for $480 per extra reception hour if you feel like it's not enough time on the day.

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