Newborn family photographer.

March 2, 2016

I had the greatest honour to photograph this special family in Sydney last week.SCV13691 SCV13673 SCV13658 SCV13654 SCV13648 SCV13632 SCV13624 SCV13531 SCV13560 SCV13565 SCV13571 SCV13594 SCV13609 SCV13611 SCV13522 SCV13515 SCV13496 SCV13498 SCV13437 SCV13446 SCV13461 SCV13434 SCV13430 SCV13393 SCV13367 SCV13352 SCV13342 SCV13333 SCV13307 SCV13304 SCV13299 SCV13293 SCV13269 SCV13267 SCV13264 SCV13136 SCV13143 SCV13201 SCV13211 SCV13229 SCV13243 SCV13262 SCV13098 SCV13087b SCV13074 SCV13063 SCV13052 SCV13041 SCV12980 SCV12987 SCV12994 SCV13008 SCV13016 SCV13018 SCV13030 SCV12971 SCV12955 SCV12924 SCV12920 SCV12898 SCV12903 SCV12821 SCV12862 SCV12871 SCV12897 SCV12819 SCV12932