• The following is the standard Terms and Conditions agreement for Tara Lee Photography services.

    1. A firm and binding agreement exists between Tara Lee Photography and the client only after this agreement has been properly executed and all fees paid at least 1 day prior to event.

    2. A booking fee must be made at time of booking with the balance due 1 day prior to the event date. This initial booking fee is to secure the date for the Photography services. Should the client not pay the balance at least 1 day prior to client’s event date, client booking fee will be forfeited and Tara Lee Photography will be under no obligation to client. If the client wishes to cancel the agreement with Tara Lee Photography, the booking fee will be forfeited but all monies paid to date will be refunded.

    3. Tara Lee Photography does not allow friends and family to photograph on the shoot

    4. We irrevocably consent to the Photographer incorporating my image or likeness in photographs or illustrations in any form or media and reproducing, publishing and communicating the images in any form and media for any purpose whether commercial or otherwise and to use my name and any other text or works in connection with the images. I waive any right to inspect or approve the images or any publication incorporating the images and any right to compensation for the use of the images. I release the photographer for any or all claims, actions, proceedings, demands and expenses and other liability that may arise in connection with the use of the images by any person. Tara Lee Photography may use any photos taken of me for promotional purposes, industry competitions, marketing in any form also giving suppliers equal rights to use for promotional purposes. (Eg reception venue) All of Tara Lee Photography products are copyrighted. The photos chosen are joint copyrighted.

    5. Tara Lee Photography is granted full production and editorial control by client regarding all aspects of the production and post wedding production services for this event. In the case a particular segment of the event is either not recorded, partially recorded, or not a part of the edited master photos, due to unforeseen circumstances, client will not hold Tara Lee Photography liable. If something occurred at the session that the client does not want to appear on the Slide show and in advertising, the client must instruct Tara Lee Photography in writing before post production begins. When ordering an album first changes are free and any further changes will be charged out at $50 per hour. It is your responsibility to make the changes clear. If client wants additional post production done after the photos have been edited, client will be charged for re-editing at the rate of $50 per hour. Tara Lee Photography reserves the exclusive right to edit all Photos. We understand that the album needs to be proofed and any changes need to be made with in the first month of receiving the album layout other wise there is a $50 retrieval fee.

    6. Tara Lee Photography is not responsible for loss of photos due to equipment malfunction.
    This is minimised due to back up equipment taken on each event.

    7. If Tara Lee Photography is unable to photograph due to illness, accident, death etc. This does not constitute a breach of contract. Tara Lee Photography is liable only to return a maximum of all monies received by the client.

    8. No financial responsibilities over and above the money paid to Tara Lee Photography is to be claimed against Tara Lee Photography under any circumstance.

    9. The client accepts the responsibility to contact Tara Lee Photography at least 10 days prior to the session to confirm details are correct and make known any alterations. 10. Tara Lee Photography has no responsibility for our photos, albums & Prints after receiving them. It is our responsibility to keep them in a safe environment.

    11. Tara Lee Photography can not be held liable for any possible injuries, accidents or deaths that may occur. The client/s must use their own judgment in all situations regarding safety.

    12. Payment is only accepted in the form of cash or bank deposit.

    13. If you are unable to make your session due to sickness we can reschedule, only one reschedule is covered in your booking fee. If you cancel a second time there is a $100 booking fee to cover costs lost that day. If the session is canceled due to weather, this isn't considered your rescheduled day.