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Weddings at Tiffany’s, Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

What a day at Weddings at Tiffanys. The first day of Spring didn’t disappoint.

Venue: Weddings at Tiffanys

Bridal prep: Montville Lake Terrace

Celebrant: Lorna Gibb Marriage Celebrant

Flowers: Weddings at Tiffanys

Videography: Sunshine Coast Videography

Hair: Coastal Style Mobile Hairdressing

Make up: Louise Henzell

Music: Nick Koschel Entertainment

Magician: @Nickleby the MagicianJB 003-3 JB 024-24 JB 070-70 JB 110-110 JB 145-145 JB 169-169 JB 207-207 JB 265-265 JB 268-268 JB 320-320 JB 367-367 JB 432-432 JB 481-481 JB 515-515 JB 419-419

Yandina Station wedding Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

Yandina Station and its famous tree. Jacinta Townsend & Kendall, being apart of your wedding was such a wonderful experience. Thank you for choosing me to document it. I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon.

Incredible suppliers:
Celebrant: Ceremonies With Dee – 
Dee Hamson
Videographer: @Wedding Videographer Brisbane – Your Wedding Story
White Lily Couture
Reception Flowers: Willow Bud
Makeup: @makeup artistry by Lauren
Hair: Coastal Style Mobile Hairdressing
DJ: John Boyle
Cake: Mrs B’s Creative CateringKJ 010 KJ 057 KJ 028s KJ 116 KJ 204c KJ 261 KJ 359 KJ 363s KJ 405c KJ 447cc KJ 493 KJ 501 KJ 504s KJ 505 KJ 506Station

Tides waterfront dining wedding | Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography Caloundra

The Sunshine Coast truly is a beautiful place to have a wedding. This couple traveled all the way from WA.
Tides Waterfront Dining
Bill Scurry
Mask Events AustraliaRJ 018-14 RJ 047-43 RJ 068-69 RJ 147-160 RJ 221-241 RJ 381-380 RJ 435-435 RJ 450-450 RJ 452-452 RJ 489-491 RJ 491-493 RJ 505-486

Green Zebra Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

What a day full of SO much fun, joy and laughter. You two were in your own world, perfect for one another.

Reception & Ceremony: Green Zebra Restaurant
Celebrant: Anastasiia Rudenko
Flowers: Flax Flower
Hair: Inside Hair
Make up: TF Makeup Artist
Decorator: Splash Events
Cake: The Cupcake House
Videographer: Sunshine Coast Videography

RM 015 RM 053 RM 054 RM 085 RM 094 RM 099 RM 138 RM 230 RM 240 RM 318 RM 435 RM 443 RM 446 RM 495 RM 530 RM 568 RM 612



The Lakehouse Sunshine Coast | Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

Venue: The Lakehouse Sunshine Coast

Celebrant: Trudy McGee Sunshine Coast Marriage Celebrant
makeup: Makeup 4 Brides

Decorator: Princess Events & Weddings

Cake: Chocolate2Chilli
Music: Marty Sima

DJ: Unique DJs

Gondolas Of Noosa

TM 015-19 TM 048-52 TM 135-139 TM 168-82 TM 263-129 TM 282-323 TM 288-329 TM 302-140 TM 322-371 TM 329-244 TM 330-107 TM 352-225 TM 361-260 TM 362-147 TM 374-153




Embers house was a hidden estate that was a picturesque backdrop | Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

The weekend was a perfect day to get married and Embers house was a hidden estate that was a picturesque backdrop.
make up by: Kate Ellen Makeup Artistry


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Why I love photography


Tara Lee Photography from Tara Toohey on Vimeo.

First Bay Coolum Family photos location. | Sunshine Coast Portrait Photography

Tara Lee 176 Tara Lee 177 coolum TLP 054locations TLP 067locations TLP 2016 005-6locations TLP 2016 107locations TLP 2016 100-131locations TLP 2016 046-58locations TLP 2016 032-37locations TLP 2016 026locations TLP 2016 018locations

Boho family photography Sunshine coast | Sunshine Coast Portrait Photography

I went on facebook one day and I started listing all the shoots I have been dreaming of lately, I hoped that they would catch the right person’s eye. I hoped that someone out there saw the same vision as me. That person was Kara. She is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet. I could have photographed her and her incredible family all day, an hour wasn’t long enough. The girls were just as sweet as their mother and they have a dad that would literally run down mountains and back up for them. Not one complaint. In that moment I had nothing but admiration for him. It was obvious his family came first. When I photograph a family I feel as though I get a small window into their world and this world made me smile.




TLP Madders 223
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TLP Madders 174 TLP Madders 171 TLP Madders 166
TLP Madders 159 TLP Madders 157 TLP Madders 145 TLP Madders 140 TLP Madders 136 TLP Madders 135 TLP Madders 129 TLP Madders 125 TLP Madders 119 TLP Madders 118 TLP Madders 114 TLP Madders 113 TLP Madders 110 TLP Madders 105 TLP Madders 100 TLP Madders 093 TLP Madders 091 TLP Madders 086 TLP Madders 072 TLP Madders 067 TLP Madders 065 TLP Madders 063 TLP Madders 059 TLP Madders 053 TLP Madders 052 TLP Madders 046 TLP Madders 042 TLP Madders 040 TLP Madders 036 TLP Madders 032 TLP Madders 027 TLP Madders 021 TLP Madders 019 TLP Madders 017 TLP Madders 013 TLP Madders 011 TLP Madders 007 TLP Madders 005

Mother daughter shoot with these two lovelies. Sunshine Coast Portrait photographer

It was an absolute pleasure photographing these two. A dream come true.

The flowers were made by

and the precious mother/daughter jewels by IN 005c TLP IN 009c TLP IN 020 TLP IN 025c TLP IN 027 TLP IN 035 TLP IN 038c TLP IN 041 TLP IN 045c TLP IN 048c TLP IN 059 TLP IN 060 TLP IN 064 TLP IN 073c TLP IN 084 TLP IN 086 TLP IN 089 TLP IN 092 TLP IN 096 TLP IN 097 TLP IN 100 TLP IN 102x TLP IN 106 TLP IN 107c TLP IN 110 TLP IN 111 TLP IN 112 TLP IN 113c TLP IN 119 TLP IN 121 TLP IN 122 TLP IN 125 TLP IN 129 TLP IN 130