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Coolum family photography { so many perfect moments }

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Extended family photos Sunshine Coast. { Tara Lee Photography }

Extended family photos are some of the most important photos that will be on your wall. I love how loved Grandchildren feel, how you see the connections, the relationships and how proud the grandparents look.

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Studio session with these 4. {Sunshine Coast Photographer}

With smiles like these, you can’t help but smile too.2018-06-15_0006 2018-06-15_0005 2018-06-15_0004 2018-06-15_0003 2018-06-15_0002 2018-06-15_0001

Wurtulla beach with this lovely family. {Sunshine Coast Photographer}

The beach is like the massive playground for kids. Max just wanted to play!

I have photographed Thea & Leith 5 times now – engagement session, their wedding day, a maternity session, a newborn session with Max and then this session. What a journey and I can’t tell you how honoured I feel to be invited to be apart of it.

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I LOVE extended family photos, look at what they have created. Priceless. {Sunshine Coast Portrait Photographer}


Sweet little family | Family portrait photographer

Even though this sweet little man was sick we still got ourselves a smile. 2018-06-11_0001 2018-06-11_0002 2018-06-11_0003

Rainbows + Babies | Sunshine Coast Photography

I loved photographing this incredible couple, it was all joy and love.

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Sunshine Coast wedding Photographer

Yandina Station { Sunshine Coast wedding photographer }

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