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Newborn photography. Adorable Mr C.

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New born photography – Little Miss A

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Tree of life

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The love boat at Anna Bella Chapel

Venue: Anna Bella

Dress: Judy Copley

Hair: Hair 4 Brides

Make up: Makeup 4 Brides

Flowers: Magnolia Grove Flowers

Photography: Tara Lee Photography —

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Adam & Lorrae

I shot the wedding of two best friends. I witnessed patience, kindness, friendship, playfulness and the love between these two. Lorrae Brackam & Adam Nightingale

What a beautiful afternoon with amazing suppliers:

Photography: Tara Lee Photography

Venue: Novotel Twin waters

Make up:





Please let me know if you would were involved in this wedding and I will add your business. Thank you.


Newborn lifestyle photography – Tara Lee Photography

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Family is forever.

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Mooloolaba wedding photographer

Matt & Rebekah

A beautiful Noosa wedding

Aaron & Alisha

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