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Instagram – make life easier

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This is my guide to getting your Instagram posts done in one day.

I am going to start by saying I don’t know much but I want to help you if I can. If you can see areas that could help my business please feel free to teach me so I can pass it on.

Step 1: Get 30 photos of your content together. ( yeah this will take you time so maybe start a folder for next months posts and add to it when you have content that suits your brand)

Photos of quotes, a recent wedding or project, photos that tell stories about who you are…because a lot of people are on social media to get to know you and your business.

Step 2: Email them to yourself. If the files are too big either resize them or email them to yourself in a few emails. In those emails- if there is information relating to those posts, email them with the photos. For me it’s the suppliers who were on a wedding with me and hashtags.

Step 3. Open your email on your phone and save the photos – these are your posts.

Step 4. Open instagram and make a post as you normally would, tag people, use hash tags that represent your brand and before you press share, use the < key twice to go back 2 steps – It will say “if you go back now, your image edits will be discarded.” UNDER it will say save draft or discard or cancel. Press SAVE DRAFT.

Step 5: If you go back to your home page like you are about to post something new you will see DRAFTS above your CAMERA ROLL you will also see your saved post.

Step 6: Now to make yourself a coffee, put on spotify cause now you need to get inspired.

It’s time to make 30 posts.

You are just going to do step 4 over and over and over. Till you have finished.

If you are posting a wedding or a project do them all at the one time as the people you tagged in the previous post will be at the top of your tags and easy to find. If you have copy and pasted information about the project that needs to be used for each post you can also copy and paste your information and hashtags….doing your posts for that same project saves SO MUCH TIME.

Step 7

Take some time to research the time your target market is on and start posting.

There are apps to help your do this automatically but I do it the long way. You could set an alarm to help remind you when to post which is what a lot of the apps do.

If you go back to your home page like you are about to post something new you will see DRAFTS above your CAMERA ROLL.

To use posts from your drafts press MANAGE which will be to the right of the folder name drafts.

Now choose a photo, post it and then go for a walk cause you just saved yourself 15 min a day.

Hope that was helpful….cause it sure saves me time. Time is precious, once it’s gone you can never get it back.



Embers house was a hidden estate that was a picturesque backdrop | Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

The weekend was a perfect day to get married and Embers house was a hidden estate that was a picturesque backdrop.
make up by: Kate Ellen Makeup Artistry


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Why I love photography


Tara Lee Photography from Tara Toohey on Vimeo.

Mother daughter shoot with these two lovelies. Sunshine Coast Portrait photographer

It was an absolute pleasure photographing these two. A dream come true.

The flowers were made by

and the precious mother/daughter jewels by IN 005c TLP IN 009c TLP IN 020 TLP IN 025c TLP IN 027 TLP IN 035 TLP IN 038c TLP IN 041 TLP IN 045c TLP IN 048c TLP IN 059 TLP IN 060 TLP IN 064 TLP IN 073c TLP IN 084 TLP IN 086 TLP IN 089 TLP IN 092 TLP IN 096 TLP IN 097 TLP IN 100 TLP IN 102x TLP IN 106 TLP IN 107c TLP IN 110 TLP IN 111 TLP IN 112 TLP IN 113c TLP IN 119 TLP IN 121 TLP IN 122 TLP IN 125 TLP IN 129 TLP IN 130













New born photographer.

Sunshine Coast Wedding. Wombye Chapel

Venue: The Chapel Woombye
Maroochy Surf Club
Janice Woolrych
Willow Bud
Evalyn Parsons Hair
The Ballerina Bride
Decorator: Splash Events
Cake: Chocolate2Chilli
DJ: Russell Bailey
photo booth: Emily Steele
Photography: Tara Lee Photography —2016-10-04_0001 2016-10-04_0002 2016-10-04_0003 2016-10-04_0004 2016-10-04_0005 2016-10-04_0006 2016-10-04_0007

Buderim Wedding – Sunshine Coast wedding photographer

To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you are the world

Venue: Headland Golf Club
Flowers: Eumundi Roses
Celebrant: The Sunny Celebrant – Natalie Skye
Videography: Wood & Willow
Hair & make up: Color Pop
Transport: City Coast Limousines
Photography: Tara Lee Photographyy
2016-09-29_0023 2016-09-29_0024 2016-09-29_0025 2016-09-29_0026 2016-09-29_0027 2016-09-29_0028 2016-09-29_0029 2016-09-29_0030 2016-09-29_0031 2016-09-29_0032 2016-09-29_0033 2016-09-29_0034 2016-09-29_0035 2016-09-29_0036 2016-09-29_0037 2016-09-29_0038 2016-09-29_0039 2016-09-29_0040 2016-09-29_0041 2016-09-29_0042 2016-09-29_0043 2016-09-29_0044 2016-09-29_0045 2016-09-29_0046 2016-09-29_0047 2016-09-29_0048 2016-09-29_0049 2016-09-29_0050

Flaxton Gardens wedding – Sunshine Coast photographer

Venue: Flaxton Gardens

Celebrant: Noosa Heads Celebrant Jacqueline Gray

Flowers: Buderim Floral Art

Videography: Sunshine Coast Videography

Hair: Hair & the Tortoise

Photography: Tara Lee Photography

2016-09-29_0004 2016-09-29_0005 2016-09-29_0006 2016-09-29_0007 2016-09-29_0008 2016-09-29_0009 2016-09-29_0010 2016-09-29_0011 2016-09-29_0012 2016-09-29_0013 2016-09-29_0014 2016-09-29_0015 2016-09-29_0016 2016-09-29_0017 2016-09-29_0018 2016-09-29_0019 2016-09-29_0020 2016-09-29_0021 2016-09-29_0022

Mothers & Daughter

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Young and free

2016-07-05_0010 2016-07-05_0011 2016-07-05_0012 2016-07-05_0013 2016-07-05_0014 2016-07-05_0015 2016-07-05_0017 2016-07-05_0018

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