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Beach Stone House Noosa – Sunshine Coast wedding photographer

The first time I photographed Tegan was 10 years ago for her family photos and now I have had the honor of photographing her wedding. Honestly, it was so much fun, so many laughs and talk about the most exquisite property, you won’t believe it’s Noosa!
Reception & Ceremony: Beach Stone House
Celebrant: Janice Woolrych
Flowers: Willow Bud
Make up & Hair: Allure Bridal Stylists
Food: Dios Mio Street Food
Please let me know if you were apart of this wedding and I will add you to the list.
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Mt Mee wedding photographer – Kayla & Adam

Kayla  & Adam  – You two are freaking hilarious! We had an absolute ball hanging out with you guys on your wedding day
You know it’s going to be a ripper day when the bride plays a prank on her groom. They did a first look ( which is seeing each other before the ceremony and getting photos first so you can go straight into the reception after getting married)
Well, Kayla dressed her brother in a bridal gown and sent her him instead of her….Adam ‘s reaction was priceless!!!! welll that certainly set the tone for the most fun wedding! I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to share in your day….loved working with my favorite person Jayden  – stupid talented…can’t wait to see the video!

The team
Reception & Ceremony: Brockhurst Farm
Celebrant: Suzanne Riley
Cake: Adams sister
Videographer: Sunshine Coast Videography
Caterers: Penfolds Catering

Please let me know if you were apart of this wedding and I will add you to the list.

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Em & Bren’s Wedding in New Zealand Queenstown.

2 years ago I put out there that I wanted to shoot a wedding in Queenstown and my dream came true when my childhood friend Em married her best friend Bren

When we arrived at The Winehouse the day before the wedding it was a winter wonderland and to be able to share in these special moments with Em & Brendan before the big day felt so special. When the wedding day came the next day it was one wow moment to the next. Vows that made you laugh, tears, life long friends, family, Sam the wedding coordinator at The Winehouse who truly blew me away with her service – was a GEM!…then after the ceremony we head out the back to the paddock and here comes our ride…a helicopter! The buzz and excitement was unbelievable, as Em, Bren, Jayden and I hopped in…it was such a surreal moment…one I will forever cherish. We land on The Remarkables and seriously what a perfect name for them – they are the reason Queenstown belongs in my heart…and here I was full-filling a dream on one of the happiest days of my childhood friends life…does it get better??? It does…it was freezing up there…I asked the pilot how long we had to shoot and he said “you will be back long before your time is up, it’s freezing out there” ….. well Emma & Brendan were the perfect couple to take up on a freezing cold mountain….the smiles, falling through the snow, the epic views,  the laughs and fun just about sums it up.  They were incredible – their attitudes impressed me and the photos speak for themselves….well we maxed out our time and the pilot had to come and get us!

When we arrived back at The Winehouse all the guests were outside waving and cerebrating Em & Bren – …what a WOW moment! The vibe as we landing was such a buzz! After coming in from the cold were were served with the BEST pumpkin soup and cheese bread I have ever tasted…what a way to start the night. Fast forward to hilarious speeches….Kara, far out, THE BEST! Then came the dancing, I have never seen a dance floor so full – felt more like a club. I had the best time and I will be forever grateful to come on this adventure with you two xxx

The amazing team!
Ceremony & Reception: Winehouse
Celebrant: Philippa Thomas – Queenstown Wedding Celebrant – Queenstown Wedding Celebrant
Flowers: The Vase Flora & Foliage
Hair & Make up: Crew Stylists
Cake: Cookie Time Cookie Bar Queenstown cake – giant cookies with cookie time shots
DJ: @Matt Stone
Videographer: Sunshine Coast Videography
dress: The Bridal Company
Helicopter company: Heliworks Queenstown Helicopters


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Weddings & Camels

From the perfectly said words of Chanel

“The afternoon light rolled in and calm had fallen over the farm. Tara Lee was working her magic creating the most beautiful space where we felt comfortable. Her vision, for the day was clear, have fun and she would be there to capture it all. And goodness, for an afternoon that was so relaxed and easy, the images have made us catch our breath.”

Blown away by the feature on The Bride’s Tree…/an-autumnal-fairytale/

Thank you to the sensational creatives involved, I can’t thank you enough for making my dream come to life! I am truly Grateful to you all xx

Venue: QCamel
Flowers: Magnolia Grove Flowers
Hair: Evalyn Parsons
Make up: Makeup 4 Brides
Videographer: Jayden Toohey from Sunshine Coast Videography
Gown: Judy Copley Couture
Suit: Suits Direct
Models: Chanel Warlow & Scott Warlow

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Maleny Manor Photographer {Nick + Cailie}

After a rainy day the day before, the Sunshine on this wedding day made the day at Maleny Manor all that much more perfect.

Cailie & Nick’s wedding day had such a relaxed atmosphere about it, their personalities truly shone through.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a special day.

A special shout out to all the awesome suppliers:

Ceremony & Reception: Maleny Manor

Celebrant: Karen Faa

Flowers: Mondo Floral

Hair: Evalyn Parson

Makeup: Pru Edwards

Cake: Chocolate to Chilli

DJ: Dj Cut a rug

Gown: Grace loves lace

Please let me know if you were apart of this wedding and I will add you to the list.

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The Sunshine Coast backdrop

Just wanted to show you some of my favorite places to photograph weddings on the Sunshine Coast Coast.

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Sunshine Coast Photographer { Emma & Nick } Weddings at Tiffanys.

What a ripper day surrounded by so many awesome people  – Had so much fun!


Celebrant/Minister’s name: Sonya Fry
Cake: Marlene
Videographer’s Name/Company: :Yulia Jackson from Endless Summer

Venue & Florist: Weddings at Tiffanys
Hair Company: Hair By Nicola
Decorator: Weddings at Tiffanys
Makeup Company: Erin Fedele Beauty and Makeup Artistry
Music/DJ: @The Radio Club

Wedding at Tiffany’s | Sunshine Coast photographer

The rain held off and the sun shone through on these high school sweetheart who had the best sense of humour.

Ceremony& Reception: Wedding at Tiffanys

Celebrant: Janelle Wellsteed

Flowers: Tiffanys Flowers

Hair: Hair 4 brides

Make up: Makeup 4 Brides

Cake: Elizabeth and May

Tara LeeCar: Chauffeured Elegance

Sunshine Coast wedding Photographer

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Yandina Station { Sunshine Coast wedding photographer }

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