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Having family photos taken will never be on your list of regrets.

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” ~Author Unknown

Olivia – portrait with a horse.

IMG_0194 Olivia & the pony001 Olivia & the pony004 Olivia & the pony005 Olivia & the pony006 Olivia & the pony007 Olivia & the pony009 Olivia & the pony010 Olivia & the pony011 Olivia & the pony012 Olivia & the pony013 Olivia & the pony014 Olivia & the pony015 Olivia & the pony016 Olivia & the pony017 Olivia & the pony018 Olivia & the pony019 Olivia & the pony020 Olivia & the pony022 Olivia & the pony023 Olivia & the pony024 Olivia & the pony025 Olivia & the pony026 Olivia & the pony027 Olivia & the pony028 Olivia & the pony029 Olivia & the pony003

Olivia & the pony008

Olivia & the pony021

Lifestyle photography – Family photos


Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.


– Unknown

Tara Lee 001 Tara Lee 002 Tara Lee 003 Tara Lee 004 Tara Lee 005 Tara Lee 006 Tara Lee 007 Tara Lee 008 Tara Lee 009 Tara Lee 010 Tara Lee 011

As seen on ‘The Bride’s Tree’

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Tara Lee001 Tara Lee002 Tara Lee003 Tara Lee004 Tara Lee005 Tara Lee006 Tara Lee007 Tara Lee008 Tara Lee009 Tara Lee010 Tara Lee011 Tara Lee012

Venue: Forest Sanctuary Venue

Dress: Marilyn Crystelle

Suit: Suits Direct 

Flowers: Willow Bud

Hair: Hair 4 Brides

Make up: Makeup 4 Brides

Photography: Tara Lee Photography 

Lifestyle Photography – New born Photographer

IMG_2274 IMG_2283 IMG_2316 IMG_2355 IMG_2389 IMG_2398 IMG_2400 IMG_2524 IMG_2535b IMG_2585 IMG_2627 IMG_2664 IMG_2670 IMG_2690 IMG_2718 IMG_2755 IMG_2765 IMG_2775 IMG_2807 IMG_2813 IMG_2849 IMG_2863 IMG_2873 IMG_2876 IMG_2933 IMG_2963 IMG_2970 IMG_3023 IMG_3048 IMG_3051 IMG_3098 IMG_6402 IMG_6408

Mooloolaba Yacht club – Wedding photography


What a beautiful afternoon with amazing suppliers:


Celebrant: Kristy


Venue: Sunshine Coast Yacht club


Hair & Make up: Rachel Rayner Hair and make up


Design set up: Cloud Nine

aa DH 019 DH 037 DH 063 DH 167 DH 220 DH 296 DH 306 DH 345 DH 351 DH 395 DH 426 DH 427

Miss Myah Jade