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Wurtulla beach family photos – Tara Lee Photography, family photographer Sunshine Coast

Boho family photos

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What to wear to your session

What you wear to your session will dictate the whole feel of them. The simpler the better. Try to keep the number of different colours down to three or four. Colours should be similar, but not exactly matching on every family member.

Similar or complementary colour tones and fabrics work well. I find that pastels, whites and neutral colours work really well together. If you have time and the inclination, lay all the clothes out on a bed, and see if anything stands out as not fitting in.

Always stay away from logos/brand names and all different patterns. I am always here to help 🙂

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Dreams come true { Photographs with Camels)

3 Generations in Noosa {Sunshine Coast Photographer}

It was a windy day in Noosa but the smiles, joy and connection is all I could see.2019-03-11_0001 2019-03-11_0004 2019-03-11_0003 2019-03-11_0002

Sunshine Coast family Photographer

My heart races with excitement as we plan for a session and it all comes together ….when you get sent this layout of the outfits and its perfection and you know it’s going to be something special!!

There is so much that goes into planning a shoot and I am here to help…in fact, I LOVE IT!

I have photographed this family since these two got married and getting to meet each one of their girls when they were born made me love them more and more. I see it as an honour to be invited into couples homes, to witness those authentic moments in the first few months…Thank you xx


Walters 19 001 Walters 19 004 Walters 19 009 Walters 19 005 Walters 19 011 Walters 19 012 Walters 19 016 Walters 19 019

Newborn Photographer Sunshine Coast | Precious baby Harper

There is something about newborns that I am drawn too, they have this whole life ahead of them. 

Meeting Harper was such a highlight, what a delight. So curious, the sweetest little facials. I just adore Her. – side note, how incredible is Anna’s dress….AMAZING!!

Sunshine Coast Family photography { you make your own world }



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Coolum family photography { so many perfect moments }

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Extended family photos Sunshine Coast. { Tara Lee Photography }

Extended family photos are some of the most important photos that will be on your wall. I love how loved Grandchildren feel, how you see the connections, the relationships and how proud the grandparents look.

2018-07-04_0002 2018-07-04_0003 2018-07-04_0001