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Flaxton Gardens wedding

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Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography Noosa wedding

Lauren Watson & Sam Mohr, you two were such a delight to work with on your wedding day.

Reception: Rock Salt Restaurant and Cafe
Ceremony: Stringybark Cottage Garden
Celebrant: Glenys Searle
Flowers: Robyn Mc Millen
Hair: Hair 4 Brides
Make up: Melina Dee
Cake: Sweetness Contained
Music: Snow In Fernie
Dress: Ferrari Formalwear and Bridal Maroochydore

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SECRETS ON THE Lake | Montville | Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

It was so evident being at your wedding that you two were all about family. You are both so loved and respected by all of your friends and family. It was just so lovely to witness. I hope you two have an amazing honeymoon.

Reception & Ceremony: Secrets on the Lake
Jay Flood
The Posy Co.
Evalyn Parsons Hair
Make up: Backstage Beauty
Videographer: Sunshine Coast Videography
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NOOSA Boathouse Photographer | Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

The incredibly talented people we got to work with:
Reception: Noosa Boathouse
Ceremony: Casuarina Gardens
Celebrant: Kath Tilly Wedding Celebrant
Hair & Make up: Silk Hair and Makeup
Decorator: First Class Functions
Cake: Chocolate2Chilli
Videographer: Sunshine Coast Videography
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Flaxton Gardens Photographer

Such a blessed couple Carlie Jones & Nathen, the rain held out for you.
Reception: Flaxton Gardens
Ceremony: Flaxton Gardens
Flowers: Willow Bud
Hair & Makeup: Vanessa Moran Miss Nessi
DJ: @mattyboy

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Weddings at Tiffany’s, Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

What a day at Weddings at Tiffanys. The first day of Spring didn’t disappoint.

Venue: Weddings at Tiffanys

Bridal prep: Montville Lake Terrace

Celebrant: Lorna Gibb Marriage Celebrant

Flowers: Weddings at Tiffanys

Videography: Sunshine Coast Videography

Hair: Coastal Style Mobile Hairdressing

Make up: Louise Henzell

Music: Nick Koschel Entertainment

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The Lakehouse Sunshine Coast | Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

Venue: The Lakehouse Sunshine Coast

Celebrant: Trudy McGee Sunshine Coast Marriage Celebrant
makeup: Makeup 4 Brides

Decorator: Princess Events & Weddings

Cake: Chocolate2Chilli
Music: Marty Sima

DJ: Unique DJs

Gondolas Of Noosa

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Embers house was a hidden estate that was a picturesque backdrop | Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

The weekend was a perfect day to get married and Embers house was a hidden estate that was a picturesque backdrop.
make up by: Kate Ellen Makeup Artistry


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Sunshine Coast wedding Photography

It was a perfect day to get married and Embers house was a hidden estate that was a picturesque backdrop.
make up by: 
Kate Ellen Makeup Artistry

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Family beach shoot. Sunshine Coast photographer

Take these moments to be in photographs, your children will look back and be so grateful. Tara Lee Photography-117 Tara Lee Photography-115 Tara Lee Photography-113 Tara Lee Photography-111 Tara Lee Photography-109 Tara Lee Photography-107 Tara Lee Photography-105 Tara Lee Photography-103 Tara Lee Photography-101 Tara Lee Photography-97 Tara Lee Photography-95 Tara Lee Photography-93 Tara Lee Photography-91 Tara Lee Photography-89 Tara Lee Photography-87 Tara Lee Photography-85 Tara Lee Photography-83 Tara Lee Photography-81 Tara Lee Photography-79 Tara Lee Photography-77 Tara Lee Photography-75 Tara Lee Photography-73 Tara Lee Photography-71 Tara Lee Photography-69 Tara Lee Photography-67 Tara Lee Photography-65 Tara Lee Photography-63 Tara Lee Photography-61 Tara Lee Photography-59