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Weddings & Camels

From the perfectly said words of Chanel

“The afternoon light rolled in and calm had fallen over the farm. Tara Lee was working her magic creating the most beautiful space where we felt comfortable. Her vision, for the day was clear, have fun and she would be there to capture it all. And goodness, for an afternoon that was so relaxed and easy, the images have made us catch our breath.”

Blown away by the feature on The Bride’s Tree…/an-autumnal-fairytale/

Thank you to the sensational creatives involved, I can’t thank you enough for making my dream come to life! I am truly Grateful to you all xx

Venue: QCamel
Flowers: Magnolia Grove Flowers
Hair: Evalyn Parsons
Make up: Makeup 4 Brides
Videographer: Jayden Toohey from Sunshine Coast Videography
Gown: Judy Copley Couture
Suit: Suits Direct
Models: Chanel Warlow & Scott Warlow

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Dreams come true { Photographs with Camels)

Write your dreams down, put them out there – share them with your world and see them come to life.

Yesterday I got to fulfil a dream to photograph with Camels….it became so much more than I realised it would. These precious creatures were so gentle, so loving, so calming…it was incredible.

Lauren from QCamel treated these majestic animals as if they were her babies, calling them all by name – encouraging them as they were being photographed.

Then there was this moment watching my Daughter with the camels and seeing her confidence, her nurturing nature and the pure joy and excitement.

It was a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you QCamel

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3 Generations in Noosa {Sunshine Coast Photographer}

It was a windy day in Noosa but the smiles, joy and connection is all I could see.2019-03-11_0001 2019-03-11_0004 2019-03-11_0003 2019-03-11_0002

Sunshine Coast family Photographer

My heart races with excitement as we plan for a session and it all comes together ….when you get sent this layout of the outfits and its perfection and you know it’s going to be something special!!

There is so much that goes into planning a shoot and I am here to help…in fact, I LOVE IT!

I have photographed this family since these two got married and getting to meet each one of their girls when they were born made me love them more and more. I see it as an honour to be invited into couples homes, to witness those authentic moments in the first few months…Thank you xx


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Sunshine Coast Photographer { Emma & Nick } Weddings at Tiffanys.

What a ripper day surrounded by so many awesome people  – Had so much fun!


Celebrant/Minister’s name: Sonya Fry
Cake: Marlene
Videographer’s Name/Company: :Yulia Jackson from Endless Summer

Venue & Florist: Weddings at Tiffanys
Hair Company: Hair By Nicola
Decorator: Weddings at Tiffanys
Makeup Company: Erin Fedele Beauty and Makeup Artistry
Music/DJ: @The Radio Club

Wedding at Tiffany’s | Sunshine Coast photographer

The rain held off and the sun shone through on these high school sweetheart who had the best sense of humour.

Ceremony& Reception: Wedding at Tiffanys

Celebrant: Janelle Wellsteed

Flowers: Tiffanys Flowers

Hair: Hair 4 brides

Make up: Makeup 4 Brides

Cake: Elizabeth and May

Tara LeeCar: Chauffeured Elegance

Sunshine Coast Family photography { you make your own world }



2018-07-04_0011l 2018-07-04_0012l

Extended family photos Sunshine Coast. { Tara Lee Photography }

Extended family photos are some of the most important photos that will be on your wall. I love how loved Grandchildren feel, how you see the connections, the relationships and how proud the grandparents look.

2018-07-04_0002 2018-07-04_0003 2018-07-04_0001

Studio session with these 4. {Sunshine Coast Photographer}

With smiles like these, you can’t help but smile too.2018-06-15_0006 2018-06-15_0005 2018-06-15_0004 2018-06-15_0003 2018-06-15_0002 2018-06-15_0001

Wurtulla beach with this lovely family. {Sunshine Coast Photographer}

The beach is like the massive playground for kids. Max just wanted to play!

I have photographed Thea & Leith 5 times now – engagement session, their wedding day, a maternity session, a newborn session with Max and then this session. What a journey and I can’t tell you how honoured I feel to be invited to be apart of it.

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